Bamboo Bay Sheets


How do I wash my Bamboo Bay Sheets, Pillowcases, and Duvet Cover?

Please carefully review the instructions below.

Machine wash your bamboo sheets, pillowcases, or duvet cover cold on the delicate cycle by themselves or with a light load of like colors. Never bleach your bamboo sheets, pillowcases, or duvet cover. Avoid alkaline detergentsfabric softeners, or any other harsh chemicals when washing. Tumble dry on low heat and remove promptly. Use a warm iron as needed after washing. Finally, enjoy! They will get softer with each wash.

For stubborn stains, try spraying chlorine-free stain remover or a mixture of 1 tablespoon of vinegar with 4 tablespoons of water directly on it, then launder as usual. 

Stains from body lotions or oils can be removed by gently rubbing a few drops of Dawn and water into the stain, then laundering as usual. Dawn is a natural de-greaser and works well on stains.

To naturally freshen your bamboo sheets, pillowcases, or duvet cover in lieu of machine washing, spot clean then put out in natural sunlight for a few hours to remove surface body oils and freshen. Limiting machine washes can help increase the lifespan of the fabric.

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