Bamboo Bay Sheets

Meet Bamboo Bay

I discovered bamboo sheets on vacation after serving in the military. It was the best sleep of my life. I knew there was no looking back. I created Bamboo Bay because everyone deserves to sleep like they're on vacation.

—Trevor, Founder Bamboo Bay


Ultra-high quality bamboo fabric

We looked everywhere to find the perfect fabric for people who want extremely soft and cool bedding at a price that won't keep you up at night. We source the highest quality 100% viscose from Bamboo fabric, which is softer and more breathable than even the finest silk or Egyptian cotton. It's soft to the touch and cool while you sleep, providing you with the most luxurious sleep of your life.


Cool, comfy and designed to last

Bamboo Bay sheets, pillowcases, comforters and duvet covers are woven to maximize breathability and accentuate the natural cooling properties of our 100% viscose from Bamboo fabric. Our weave is sewn to increase durability so you can enjoy your bedding for years to come. Other bamboo bedding brands use fragile weaves that are prone to pilling. Bamboo Bay is soft, cool and durable making it the perfect choice for all of your bedding.

Long-staple fibers for soft and smooth bedding 

We use only the finest long-staple fibers to create the softest, smoothest, strongest weave possible. Cheaper short-staple fibers leave ends exposed that poke out of the weave leading to a coarser feel and pilling. Long-staple fibers are stronger with fewer ends exposed so our bedding feels soft and smooth.


Single-ply yarn for a premium thread count

We use 300 thread count, single-ply yarn from fine long-staple fibers which results in super-soft, breathable bedding that lasts. Multi-ply yarn uses short-staple fibers which leads to weak, coarse and heavy bedding that lacks breathability.

Often higher thread counts are gimmicks. For example, brands claim a 1,000 thread count fabric when using 4-ply x 250 threads (to equal a misleading 1,000 thread count). Multi-ply thread is weak, coarse, cheap - and less than half the cost of the high-quality, premium fabric we use.

The highest thread count possible using single-ply yarn is usually 400 but achieving that thread count requires an extremely tight weave that reduces breathability and increases heat retention.


100% natural and organic

We take allergies and skin conditions seriously. While other brands claim their bedding is safe for sensitive skin – we took it a step further. Our fabric has been independently tested and globally certified from both OEKO-TEX (Standard 100) and TÜV RHEINLAND so you can also feel good knowing that your sheets, pillowcases, comforter, and duvet cover are safe. We use 100% organic bamboo, which is clean, green and regenerates naturally - making it one of the most sustainable resources on the planet. 




Veteran-owned business committed to service

We are a veteran-owned business committed to providing premium, luxury bedding at prices that won't keep you up at night. We back every purchase with unrivaled customer support and obsess over customer satisfaction. We take great pride in the Bamboo Bay brand name and happily back all products with a 180 night guarantee to make sure that our customers are thrilled with our products and our service.